We Are Your Consumer Advocate!



  • The Problem

    In the olden days businesses made it a point to know your name and make you feel like family, however in today's era of American business the way consumers are served has changed which brought about "Please Hold Your call is very important to us".

    The real issue becomes after waiting on hold the person who picks up isn't empowered to solve your problem. Three Supervisors later the afternoon is now behind you, and your back to where you started.

  • Our Solution

    After years of successfully helping family and friends navigate the maze, we became experts in getting problems with companies resolved. Simply leave the headache and hold music to us!


    We Offer Consumer Advocacy Services. In short you have a problem with a company and we'll help you fix it.

  • What We Offer


    Have you waited on hold for hours and gotten nowhere? Has The Manufacturer of Your Product Refused To Repair it? Has The Cable Company Overcharged you and won't resolve? Has The Retailer Refused to take back an item on day 31?
    You name the problem, and we've solved it!

  • Our Process

    Simply reach out and share the problem in as much detail as possible, and allow us a short time to review it. We will then reach back out to let you know how we can help, and then quote you an affordable low flat fee to move forward.


    And Remember Your Success Is Our Success. You Don't Pay Unless Your issue is Resolved!




  • About Us

    Ari Rosenberg

    Chief Consumer Advocate

    Starting a Snow Shovel Business at age 12, the Entrepreneurial bug caught me early.


    After spending time in the Startup Tech world, and helping friends and family on the side, I realized I had a passion for Consumer Advocacy!


    My promise to you is we will handle your issue in the same manner we would help our own grandmother :)

  • Testimonials

    Glen R.


    "A US airline wouldn't resolve my issue after not being able to make the flight. After waiting hours on hold and getting nowhere I became really frustrated. I reached out to The Consumer Fellow and 48 hours later they got the problem solved A++"

    "After getting a mattress from a National Brand, it was hurting my back I couldn't sleep well. The store wouldn't take it back after much back and forth The Consumer Fellow stepped in, and 3 days later the store called and noted they will able to provide a refund as a one time exception."

  • Doing Good

    We believe in doing our part to help make the world a better place. As part of that commitment 10 percent of all revenue will be donated to GoFundMe Campaigns to help people directly in need!

  • Contact Us

    Thanks For Reaching Out! You Will Hear Back Promptly

    P.S. When We Say Prompt We Mean It :)